Flying RC Helicopters Safely!

Published: 15th August 2011
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RC Helicopters should not be confused as toys, as if they are not flown safely or in the correct location they can be deemed as dangerous.

RC Helicopters are very powerful and their rotors spin at an extremely high speed , you can probably imagine the damage this can do.

Take the accident in Hong Kong in 2008 (the article can be viewed here and check out the video) a gentleman was hit in the head with an RC Helicopter and underwent brain surgery.
I’m not saying do not fly RC helicopters, no way; I ‘m a big fan and believe everything RC is phenomenal. But what I’m saying is fly safely.

There are many ways to ensure you can do this, for those that don’t know: 
1. There are a number of dedicated flying areas; I fly in wormwood scrubs (west London).
2. There are many useful articles and guides on the internet about flying safely for beginners. One of which is The Begineers' Lounge on HeliDeals.
3. Another way of flying safely for beginners is a simulator. You can purchase a simulator such as Real Flight simulator and learn to fly in the comfort of your home.
4. There are many different flying training clubs.
5. You can even learn how to fly by viewing videos on YouTube.

The RC Find team who is now part of Swift RC, ( are working together to create a map which shows all the flying hot spots and all the clubs. This is where we need your help we want to know were you fly you RC Helicopters or what clubs you go to, please contact us at Swift RC and let us know.
Fly safely and if you have any tips, comment on the post at RC Find. See below for some safety precautions (taking from HeliDeals beginners lounge):

1. Don't connect the motor battery until you have your transmitter turned on and you are ready to fly the helicopter.

2. Turn off the radio system as soon as possible after the flight.

3. Make sure that the throttle is set to lowest position before turning on your transmitter. Many digital speed controls have a function that won't allow the motor to turn until the throttle stick has been in, or moved to, the low position. Don't make it a habit of testing this function.

4. Make sure you check that the servos are all working probably before flying.

This article was written by the team at RC Find and Swift RC.

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